Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Next Transfer Scheduled- more info then you ever wanted to know about my body!

I'm getting ready for my next transfer and thought I'd show my numbers this cycle compared to last cycle. They followed two different protocols which are described below.

LM = Local Monitoring- blood work and ultrasound (done in Minnesota not in New York)
BW = Blood Work
E2 = Estradiol
P = Progesterone
FSH = Follicle Stimulating Hormone
CD = Cycle Day
FET = Frozen Embryo Transfer

FET #2- This is considered a medicated cycle since I started estrogen before I ovulated. This way they can monitor my hormone levels and transfer when they are ideal for maintaining a pregnancy. They will be transferring 2 embryos.

6/6 LM CD 3 - E2 33, P .8, FSH 4.9, LH 4.9
6/14 LM CD11 - E2 46, P .8, FSH 6.7, LH 9.1 - Start Estrace (estrogen)
6/20 LM CD17 - E2 266, P 1.0, FSH 7.7, LH 32.7 - Surging ready to ovulate

6/22 LM CD19 - E2 245, P .8, FSH 4.4, LH 10.9 - No ovulation
6/29 BW only -  E2 ?? P ??
7/1- Transfer

FET #1 - Failed
This was a natural cycle where they monitored me until I ovulated naturally then waited 5 days since the embryo is 5 days old and transferred then. This cycle they transferred 1 embryo.

5/1 LM - Cysts, Fluid and Huge Ovaries
5/9 LM - E2 49, P .8, FSH 5.6, LH 6
5/15 LM - E2 141, P .7, FSH 3.6, LH 6.3
5/19 LM - E2 59, P 2.6, FSH 4, LH 6 - Ovulation confirmed start Progesterone 1ml and Estrace 2mg
5/21 BW only- E2 109 P 27.2

5/24 Transfer- Failed
We are going to be transferring two embryos after having a discussion with my local OB/Gyn and Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) in NY. The RE was concerned last time with the chance of a heterotropic pregnancy where there is one pregnancy in my tube (ectopic) and one in my uterus. The way that they treat them in NY is with Methotrexate which would terminate both pregnancies. After talking to my OB we agreed that since my tubes are worthless anyway he if that were to happen we would skip the less invasive ways to solve it and go right to surgery. He would then remove my other tube and try to save the other pregnancy. However he said that in his 30+ years of practicing he has only seen it 1 time so he said the chances are small. Nate and I discussed it and decided if it would give us a better shot at a successful transfer we will do 2. I confirmed with the fertility clinic and they have the two picked out waiting.

This will be a very busy weekend coming up. M is in a wedding on Saturday so we have the rehearsal on Friday, hair/photos/ceremony/reception on Saturday and then Sunday my flight to NY leaves at noon. I will be staying in NY until Tuesday. Here's hoping there isn't weather like there was last time and I don't get stranded.

Later today I will try to post a fun post since this was a lot of words.

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