Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PIO- Day 2

Last night my kitchen looked like someone was stabbed.

Please ignore my ugly floor!

After reasearching the interwebs yesterday I learned the correct spot for the injection as well as tricks to make sure it is in the muscle, make it easier to puncture the flesh and how to not make your butt hurt for the next day. Last night I prepped the injection and got Nate.

I was trying to explain to him the x,y axis of my right butt cheek when he said "cant you just mark it somehow?" and mark it I did. I went and grabbed a sharpie and drew the lines on my butt. I went back and he started laughing cause they were no where close to straight. So I lookd in the mirror and drew the most misshapen circle ever which caused Nate to get the giggles.

I told Nate one of the tricks is to hold the skin tight where you are to inject it. He did that and I didn't feel a thing. I told him to pull out the plunger to see if there is any blood and he said "I don't know if I pulled it out enough but I don't see anything." So I figured we were ok to inject. He injected it and asked if he needed to keep it in there for a bit so nothing oozed out like it did the night before. He then said "there seem to be some stuck in there" I stood up and turned to look at the syringe not realizing it was still in my butt. After getting situated again he pulled out the needle and that is where everything went to hell.

As soon as the needle left my bum blood gushed. Hit Nate, ran down my pants and hit the floor. Even though it brought back terrible pencil injurt flashbacks it was probably the funniest thing to happen yesterday. I only bled for a minute or so so not too bad.

I'm not sure if we again hit the wrong spot or if it was from me standing up during. It also could be cause Nate doesn't understand removing the needle the same way it went in but hey we have about 10 weeks of this to get it right!

I go for bloodwork today and should have another update tonight... stay tuned

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