Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Infertility's Common Thread

If you are struggling with infertility then you know the feeling of going to a ball game, walking the mall or eating in a restaurant and everyone around you have that perfect swollen pregnancy belly or a new born. I for sure notice it. Someone once told me it is like buying a new car. Once you buy your car you start noticing everyone in town has the same one. One doesn't notice all the pregnancies or babies until one wants to be pregnant or have a baby and then they are EVERYWHERE.

I often find myself bitter when surrounded by pregnancy and babies (which is why I hide "track my babies progress", bump pictures and new born pictures on Facebook. Sorry but I unhide once the baby is a few months old). Then I wonder "what did she go through to get that baby?" The girls on my board have often talked about having a secret handshake or some sort of symbol to identify that someone has struggled. There was even talk of a decoder ring. Who wouldn't want that?!?

Someone posted this...


Its another blogger who came up with the idea of a pomegranate colored (embroidery floss #814) string or bracelet worn on the right wrist to help identify those who struggled. It can also help strike up a conversation about infertility and get information out there.

I plan on picking up my string today.

Speaking of today I have 2.5 hours until my next ultrasound. I feel I'm very prepared for the worst. I will update later on the outcome. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts!

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