Monday, May 20, 2013

intramuscular injection


Last night I had my first intramuscular injection from now on I will call it "butt injection"

After yesterdays blood work I thought this cycle was doomed as my estrogen dropped. I got a call during a friends bridal shower from the clinic in NY to tell me to start on estrace (estrogen supplement) and progesterone in oil (PIO). The PIO was very intimidating as you have to draw it up with one needle then put on a bigger needle to inject it. Nate was nice enough to help out. However neither of us could figure out where it was supposed to go! I picked a spot that I thought I remember getting my methotrexate and my HCG shots and we went for it. I'm not normally afraid of needles/shots/bloodraws but looking at the size of the needle I freaked out a few times and kinda felt like throwing up but I made it through. Here is a picture so you can see!

Today I find out that you are supposed to put the needle in and draw out the plunger just to make sure you are in muscle and not vein/artery. We did not do this. OOPS!

Right after the shot my leg started feeling funny so I went against instructions and went to bed.


This morning I woke up and my whole left side from my rump down hurts. I'm sitting crooked right now to try to keep weight off my left cheek. I'm pretty sure we did it in the wrong spot. I figured out how to find the right muscle and tonight i'm going to circle it with a sharpie <visualize it> so I dont have to find it every time. I am also going to walk a bit after to work the muscle and then sit on a heating pad.

Oh I should add in that the reason we are doing this is because if all my bloodwork is good tomorrow my transfer will be Thursday or Friday. YAY!!!

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