Monday, September 23, 2013


Natasha is a friend of my sisters. I have never met her. For all I know she could be an imaginary friend from childhood that showed up again later in life to solve a life crisis and brought Canada mittens instead of a sweater stripey. *Drop Dead Fred Anyone* I know Natasha (real or imaginary) reads this blog because Mr. Google tells me so. She has never left a comment even though she is more than welcome to. I just get reviews from her through Margie. Come on Natasha show yourself!

So Hi Natasha! This one is for you!

Saturday I decided to cut off all my hair. It doesn't matter a whole lot that I cut it as my hair is normally styled in the ponytail fashion. 8 inches was cut off and when I went to go show husband he didn't even notice. Again cause it is always in a ponytail. Below are the before and after of the hair transformation. 



Another before/after is that of my belly. I just so happen to be wearing the same outfit today as I did the day I officially found out I was pregnant. I see a bit of a difference. I feel quite a bit bigger than I was when pregnant with M. Granted I did start out a bit more fluffy this time (thank you fertility meds!)

19weeks with "M"

When I found out at 3w5d

Now at 14w5d
Sorry for the photos being all askew I'm working on an older than dirt computer and it won't let me format them.

P.S. id love some Canada mittens


  1. I don't know if my first comment went through but it was just a joke ;) Anyway... HI! It's me :) And huuuge congrats to you and Nate... I've heard a lot about the whole you-guys-trying-to-get-pregnant thing and I swear to you I was like tearing up when I found out you were so CREEPY MOMENT OVER.

    I'll look for some Canada mittens :)

    And, sleep/lay on your left side. It's like automatic heartburn fix for me ;)


    1. Hi Natahsa!

      Blogger didn't send me notification that you had commented. I try my best to sleep on my left but always end up on my back. Thanks for following. Margie told me she had been filling you in so when I saw Canada show up on googles "who is reading" tracker I figured it was you.

      Have a great day!