Monday, July 1, 2013

PUPO Part 2- electric boogaloo

As per usual I have had an interesting trip. After boarding my plane yesterday they asked us to get off cause gave us a 2 hour delay and don't want to waste the gas cooling and powering the plane. I get to my hotel room at about 9:30 and eat dinner, shower and go to bed.

At 12:15 my hotel phone rings it was a guy saying he was Julian the gm of the hotel. He said that the person who checked me in didnt take my card for incidentals and he needed to have me give it to him over the phone. I said can I go down stairs and give it there. He said "you can but then we will have to swipe it per hotel policy and put a 72 hour hold on it for the room rate." I asked what is the difference between me coming down meeting you and reading the numbers vs doing it over the phone?" And he says "per hotel policy I have to do it this way to avoid a charge but I will print out a receipt proving nothing was charged to your card." I said "yes but if you are now who you say you are then your word of a receipt isn't going to do anything" he says then you can just cancel the card." I said "no I will go down stairs right now" he says "ill see you in a few minutes"I get dressed and go down and ask to talk to the gm. Out comes a woman. I ask if my profile needs to be updated and she said "no when we charge your card for the room we also put it on file for the incidentals" I asked if there is a male working that might have called and she said besides herself the only other person who could have called was another woman. I explained the whole situation and told them to watch out and she said she doesn't even know how he got patched in to my phone. I'm assuming he worked for the hotel since he knew my room # and knew that I had just checked in.

THEN this morning as I'm leaving the hotel to go eat breakfast and kill time before my transfer 3 police officers were walking in. Then when I left the mall to go to the clinic 6 firemen were walking in with 4 trucks outside.

I get to my transfer dr says everything looks good and they transferred 2 grade B expanded blasts (meaning you can tell what cells will be baby and what till be placenta). I get sent to recovery and put on headphone and turn on music. After about 15 minutes the nurse comes in and gives me my pictures of the embryos and gives me instructions for meds. She then says "we are going to keep you here about 20 more minutes then you are free to go." I ended up falling asleep thinking they would tell me when it was time. Nope! They assumed I'd just get up when I was ready.

I grabbed lunch and settled into the hotel and watched a movie.

After a two hour nap I went for a walk to Time Square and got dinner. Now I'm back eating food, watching movies and enjoying not being in an airport.

Unfortunately it is supposed to storm most of tomorrow. Hope I make it home!

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