Monday, July 8, 2013

Because I promised it- Pictures

I know I'm about a week late posting this and I'd like to say I have a good reason but lets face it... I don't.

Here are some pictures from my last trip.

 photo 20130630_210448_zps6ebd3e59.jpg

The night I arrived, this was taken off the subway platform.

 photo 20130701_104607_zpsfe04fdfd.jpg

While waiting for my procedure found my way into a whole foods market. Those who know me know I would never buy one of these. Not cause of a moral issue but because I don't want to see my foods face before I eat it.

 photo 20130701_104942_zpse3399ea1.jpg

Sometimes I just don't understand art. I looked at this and just said "why?"

 photo 20130701_105003_zps1c704a3e.jpg

This one too

 photo 20130701_103450_zps1ac2017a.jpg

Always rains while I'm there.

 photo 20130701_105150_zps6acef100.jpg

This is proof that every where I went emergency personnel followed me.

 photo 20130701_111037_zps8370047e.jpg

 photo 20130701_111045_zps078acdcf.jpg

Just pretty

 photo 20130701_124603_zps3c9c2064.jpg

Hello World

 photo 20130701_125559_zps02f0215e.jpg

Hello babies!

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