Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fertilization report!!!

Got a call yesterday from the lab where my eggs are. They were updating me on fertilization.

I was informed that my 24 eggs was actually 27 eggs retrieved!! Woah!

Below is the breakdown of how they are doing after 24 hours.

24 eggs were mature

3 eggs were immature -discarded

18 fertilized

16 fertilized normally

2 fertilized abnormally -discarded

6 pending fertilization - not fertilized not failed

For a grand TOTAL of 22 eggs left in the lab counting the 6 that are pending.

5 total dicarded

I will get another call today on the status of the pending eggs. They will also tell me if the others are splitting yet.

They still have to make it to the blastocyst stage and they will be cryopreserved for transfer next cycle. I should get photos and updates as they reach this stage!!

They were fertilized using icsi- photo below

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