Monday, August 19, 2013

Finally Free

It has been quite some time since I updated. I have no other reason than napping! I'm so tired all day, every day. I know it comes with the territory.

After my 3rd (technically 4th) ultrasound my fertility clinic decided to graduate me. What this means is we are no longer in the care of New Hope in New York. It's all on my local OB now. Granted he has been doing most of the work as far as ultrasounds, bloodwork and monitoring goes but now he actually gets to make decisions about my care.

I stopped estrogen pills last night. I have about a week left on the progesterone and then I'm done with shots! I couldn't be happier about that one as there is a perminant line of injection points and bruises along the top of my butt.

After the last time I posted Nate and I went to a country music festival. Not being a country fan myself I normally go to have 4 days of grill food, beer and yard games with a little music on the side. This year being pregnant meant no beer :( no appitite for grill food :( and no energy for yard games. However, I made it through the trip without throwing up. I call that a win!

So far my symptoms at 9w5d:
Sore chest- OUCH
Bloated!!! I am either wearing my pants unbuttoned or maternity pants
Nausea- This has subsided quite a bit. I went from all day sickness to just when I eat or dont eat sickness. (with M I was sick from 8w until 16w so I think it will return.)
Exhaustion- Anyone wanna come clean my house?
Pregnancy migraines- I did have this one when pregnant with M but I am going on day 5 of a headache and day 3 of a migraine. I will be asking OB for something to help tomorrow.

Overall I feel great! I am also making it a point to enjoy all my symptoms because it means in the battle of millers-vs-ivf  Millers won!

Here is the baby at 7w6d if you look close you can see the arm buds forming. At this appointment we asked when it would be ok to tell M and my OB advised us to wait until my appointment on 8/20. He said that once the heartbeat is heard on the doppler it's as close as you are going to get to "in the clear." So if all goes well tomorrow we will be telling M after work!!!

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