Monday, September 9, 2013

3 weeks already?

I have started 3-4 entries since the last one but they all are pretty lame. I don't have a ton of baby excitment going on right now. I am very excited to say that my friend N from Pennsylvania is also pregnant and is doing well. N and I met during my first transfer. She and I originally met online in a support group but got to meet in person when our paths crossed at the clinic in NYC. Her transfer was right before mine. Unfortunately her transfer that time also failed but we both got to move on to another transfer (her 3rd my 4th) and are both currently pregnant due within a few weeks of eachother. N's husband is a HUGE Orioles fan and N being born and raised in NY I assume is a Yankees fan **puke** they don't know it yet but they have a MN Twins onsie on the way to them as we speak.

I also found out just today that a good friend of mine who struggled to get pregnant with her first child is also pregnant due 8 days after I am. We could have babies at the same time if I didn't go WAY EARLY and she didnt go WAY LATE with her first. I am super excited for her.

Other than that it has been pretty quiet. M started school last week and already has her first "snow day" it's apparently too hot to keep the kids in school. Kind of mind blowing since last week was in the 90s and right now it is 75. Because of this M's first day of dance has also been cancelled.

I officially start working at a daycare today as well. I figured since I work at my current job 45-48 hours a week why not work 40 and get paid for working the extra 5-10 hours? Besides M has been asking me for almost 2 years to work at her school.

Thats all I've got for now but if you are feeling up to it check out my sister's blog.

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