Monday, September 16, 2013

cribs, changers and baby stuff...

Oh My!!!

I had been looking forward to this last weekend for weeks! Nate had the weekend off and he was going to clean out the garage and pull down all the baby stuff we had been storing for the past 5 years. My plan was to take inventory and start cleaning everything (I finally have some energy back Thank Glob for the second trimester). Once everything was down I realized a few things:

1. We don't have as much stuff as I thought... what was taking up all that room?
2. Almost every "large item" we have stored has expired. Who knew car seats could expire? I didn't until very recently
3. Even though we have 3 totes of clothes (some still with tags) we will still have to buy a crap ton of new clothes because either:
         a. baby will be a boy and would look funny in pink flowers
         b. If it is a girl M was born in Nov. this one will be born in March so the seasons are flip flopped. 
                (thank you Minnesota)
 granted I will be able to reuse onsies, sleep sacks and some other items for the first 2-3 months but the rest will have to be replaced.

We found a decent amount of baby toys and after pulling them into the basement M decided she wanted to tell me how she used to play with EACH and EVERY one of them. "Mom this is a rattle that I used to shake when I was a baby," "Mom baby me would chew on this doll," "When I was a baby I couldn't talk so I played this music instead." Apparently she spoke to me through the music table. Oops I guess I never caught she was trying to communicate.

After finally tracking down the crib that I wanted (which happened to be on super clearance) with the help of my sister MJ Nate and I found all the crib parts in our garage hunt. The only thing we are missing is the screws to hold it together. Or are they bolts? Regardless I'm sure they are important to the crib building process and will either get found or replaced if we decide to return the other crib and use this one. I have to do some checking to see if that too has "expired."

In this journey I also took a walk down memory lane. Not only pulling out M's baby clothes and reminiscing over how small and non-opinionated she used to be but also found a few boxes with college/high school stuff in them. There was possibly some items from middle school as well cause I don't remember carrying around a "Teen Bop" 2 page spread of Devin Sawa in college. Who knows I might be wrong.

I ended my weekend by filling holes in my closet walls. My mom and I ripped out some shelving in my closet a few weekends back in an attempt to turn it into a real closet where clothes can live. This is where I found out I have old dry plaster walls. It was breaking off in chunks. I hope by next weekend it will be filled, painted and ready for shelves.

As far as the pregnancy goes I have no clue. I have a doctors visit tomorrow which is good cause after being in the clinic every week for 4 months it feels very strange not to have gone for 4 weeks. My nausea is gone and has been replaced by CRAZY HEARTBURN. I notice I get it most from bananas, oatmeal and water.  I however do not get heartburn from the massive amounts of garlic cheesy bread I've been consuming. Nate working for a pizza place on the side has both been a blessing and a curse. All I have to say is "I kinda want some cheesy garlic bread" and it shows up later that evening.

Keep popping in and I'll do the same. Have a great Monday!

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