Tuesday, November 12, 2013

22 Weeks

M's Shirt
I am 22 weeks as of tomorrow. I haven't written much cause there isn't much going on. This weekend we celebrated M's 6th birthday and Friday went to my parents for their birthday. The plan was to bring cupcakes with frosting on the inside that indicated the sex of the baby since we found out last Wednesday but since my family are GIANT PITAs they found out Wednesday (I also have little self control). M picked out baby's second shirt.

I say second shirt cause when I found out I was pregnant with my ectopic I bought the cutest shirt but it went unused. My sister took it from me shortly after my surgery and the bad news cause she said it created bad juju. She gave it back to me this weekend.

I spent some time going through boxes this weekend and I'm kinda glad we lugged around all the baby stuff from M cause it leaves very little to buy.

For those of you who are not picking up the clues of being able to reuse M's stuff and the VERY pink shirt we are having a girl. M is super excited she wanted a sister.

The baby wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good profile picture but to the left is a front view of the baby's face. You can see eyes, nose and mouth.

My OB took a short time lapse to see something on her face but instead caught her sticking her tongue out.

I know its hard to picture but in the picture to the right the top picture you can see her eyes (on left of the circle) then the nose (middle circle) and mouth (open gap right in the middle of the picture under "2 OB"). Then in the bottom picture you see the same face but the mouth is no longer an open gap it is filled with white. That white is her tongue. Since it isn't tongue shaped it is hard to imagine but on the time lapse you could see it go in and out.

Baby is as far as we can tell healthy. There are no physical abnormalities. The big ones associated with IVF and ICSI is heart defects and she has all the heart parts she is supposed to.

I promise to try to think about updating more often ;)

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm happy to hear everything's going well :)