Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Info

Thought I would give a little more information about the study as I won't have anymore excitement until March 14th.

This information was taken from the study paperwork we signed with about 20 pages cut out.

Purpose of the study:
The purpose of this study is to compare two different in vitro fertilization treatments: conventional IVF protocol and minimal stimulation IVF protocol, in terms of which method lowers the stress of treatment in individuals/couples undergoing IVF treatment, reduces the administration of drugs and drug-related side effects, reduces multiple pregnancies, ans lower costs of the treatment.

Part of me being a guinea pig is filling out daily/weekly surveys about my health and well being online and completing phone interviews about the emotional side effects of treatment.

As I said my next visit is March 14 moved up from the 17th. At this visit they will do more blood work and I will get to pick which arm of the study I am in. I hope to get the mini as it is less meds and is spaced out a little more so I'm not spending weeks on end in New York. But I'm going to go into it feeling lucky I got in so I'm happy with whatever arm I get.

That is all I got for now

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