Friday, March 8, 2013

IVF in the eyes of a 5 year old

M has been very curious in the whole process and we have been over what is going to happen a few times. On the way home from school one day this is the conversation that happened:

M: Mommy how is the doctor going to get a baby in your tummy again?
Me: I think you know. What happens first?
M: The doctor takes a big needle and takes out all your eggs.
Me: Right
M: Then he puts them in a little jar
Me: Right
And here is where I started losing her
M: And then he uses another needle and puts one baby in each egg, when that is done he will put the eggs back into your tummy. BUT before it can become a baby we can bring home the egg has to hatch and attach itself to your tummy. If it gets stuck to your tummy it will have to cook for a bit. 
Me: Mostly Right
M: If it doesn't attach to your tummy you will poop it out like a chicken does and you can start all over
Me: Not exactly
M: MOM!!! that's what happens!!! I have a question though
Me: Whats your question?
M: Where do the babies come from that the doctor puts in the eggs?
Me: *Face Palm* Ummm we will talk about that at a different time

Later at the dinner table:
M: Daddy I know how we are going to get a baby in New York.
Nate: Oh yeah?
Then M goes on telling him everything that she had told me earlier
M: And this is all cause mommy is broken. But I have a question
Nate: What's that?
M: Where do the babies come from that the doctor puts in the eggs?

Nate just got up and left the room...

I'm pretty sure when we talk about it this is what see sees:

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  1. Jesus.

    Hilarious and disturbing all at the same time.