Monday, October 7, 2013

17 weeks

Ok I'm lying I am actually 17 weeks on Wednesday but I figure I'm close enough considering baby has always measured 2-3 days ahead. I was going to come on and give some Canadian a little hell cause I still didn't get a comment even though I created a personal post but upon logging in blogger tells me someone left a message. Ooops my phone apparently doesn't alert me of that anymore. STUPID TECHNOLOGY.

I've mentioned before that I was a part of an online board for people with infertility correct? Yes? Great! Though I still frequent there I have been hanging out on a board for people who are due the same month as I am. Some due at the beginning of the month seem so far ahead of me while others due at the end of the month seem so far behind. Mostly it is filled with very heated debates over breastfeeding/formula, circumcision/intact, co-sleeping/not (don't know what the opposite of co-sleeping is called), vaccinations/non vax,  natural birth/medicated birth, OB/midwife/doula and I'm sure there are others but this is enough. Those topics get heated and never seem to end. They go in waves where someone will post about vaccinations and there will be 6-7 spin off threads about vaccinations. Then the next few days will be all vaccination questions. After that fizzles out they will pick up the next controversial topic. Other than those it is a lot about poop (happy it isn't you anymore Margie?), share food porn (please DON'T google it!!!) and pictures of shirtless men. There are the occasional "what is going on with me"  post explaining symptoms that are odd or new and the occasional "should I go to the ER" where it is clearly apparent they should and which diapers/bottles are better. It passes the time, makes me not take a sledge hammer to my house and at times **rarely** I get to give sound advise about child support/paternity/custody/step parent adoption and other things I have been through so it makes me feel good. **UPDATE** Just as I was typing this someone asked if anyone agreed that paternity tests should be given immediately after birth. I responded with "Nate and I joked about a paternity/maternity test cause who knows if this baby is even mine" and the response I got back was CRAZY. "you know it is yours cause it is in you" "how do you not know if it is yours? you are pregnant right" "THE BABY IS IN YOU ITS YOURS." If they read my signature on my post it says "IVF- 2 rounds of transfers" they would see that it is possible it's not. Baby was created in a lab and labs can screw up. **Announcement** We will NOT be getting a test done it was just joked about.

I also want to give a shout out to friends of ours J and B who had their babies on Sept 26. YES I said BABIES!!! They started IVF at the same time I found out we were in the trial and their twins were born at 32 weeks. From what I hear it was an eventful birth with a helicopter included but babies are already out of the NICU and should be able to come home by the end of the month! Congrats to J and B and babies B and J... Ohhh I see what you did there!! Just figured that out... I'm not bright lately

I have an OB appointment tomorrow. I promise I WILL update after that! maybe

16 weeks the sign says 24 weeks to
go and baby is the size of an avocado.

This is my Halloween shirt
Nate thinks I'm a loser
M thinks it's actually the baby

So you don't have to Google it. This is food porn.
Food that makes you go "ooohhhhhh"

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