Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why can't it be easy

I would love an easy pregnancy. I'd love to get pregnant easily, stay pregnant easily and have a normal/healthy pregnancy. NOPE that's not who I am I guess. I brought up to my OB at my visit today that I've been having pains right under my right breast that starts at the edge of my ribs and wraps around to my back. I've noticed it since I was pregnant with M. It would hurt when I ate something I shouldn't but would go away. Since I got pregnant with this baby it has been a constant ache. Not really painful just annoying. It gets stronger when I eat and if I eat greasy foods but never bend over pain and hasn't put me into tears yet. This is the dialogue from my visit:
Dr: How you feeling today? Any new and exciting symptoms happening?
Me: Well I've got this pain, right about here *points* that goes into my back but its not sharp more like someone is rubbing sand paper inside against my ribs
Dr: Does it get worse when you eat
Me: Yes
Dr: Does it get worse when you eat greasy/fatty foods
Me: *between my teeth* Yes
Dr: OK you get to have an ultrasound today....
Me: Really yay!!!
Dr: On your gallbladder you may be having it removed.

Then he asked me to hop on the table, used to doppler to find the baby and the heartbeat is 154 and then pressed where the pain was. I let out a not so pleasant sounding noise and he called in the nurse to set up my ultrasound.

Since I had a bagel for breakfast they scheduled me for an ultrasound at 2 which will be sent to a surgeon to see if I get to have it removed. I was told as long as I was under 20 weeks they would still be able to do it. OB said until then avoid: fatty, greasy, cheesy, white and yellow foods. Unfortunately that takes away almost all of my food.

In all this fun excitement I forgot to go down to lab to get some blood work done so now I get to do that too. I am going to try to get the tech to just take a quick peek at the baby see how it looks while we are there! Fill ya in later how it went.


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