Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PIO Fail

Per instructions from the very reliable Dr. Google Nate has been aspirating my injection when he gives me shots to check for blood. He had yet to hit a vein until last night. He came home after work and woke me up for my shot and then he muttered the worst words to hear while you are bent over a chair with a needle in your bum.

Nate: "Oh Shit!"
Me: "what did you do"
Nate: "sorry babe I got blood. What do I do now?"
Me: "ummm take it out?"

Being in the tired state I was I couldn't remember if I had to dispose of the injection completely or just switch the needle. I remember the need to switch the needle because it becomes dull after puncture and there was no way I am letting him stab me with a dull needle. He took the needle out I switched the needle and then I found out why you might want to discard the whole thing. Blood being injected into a muscle causes one HECK of a bruise and not one I can take a picture of and be proud of. It's not close enough to the surface.

Looks like we will be hanging out on the right cheek for a few days to let that sucker heal up.

Tomorrow is my next ultrasound and I hope to see something more in the ultrasound. Can't wait for squishy to look less like a bean and more like a human.

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