Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I could never be a princess...

No not because prince William is married, no not cause they just had a baby because I would not be able to produce an heir. I read today that Princess/Dutchess Kate whatever title she holds had to have fertility testing done before they could announce their engagement cause they had to be sure she could produce "an heir and one to spare."

Well jokes on them. Even with all the testing the world they still may have issues (obviously in light of yesterday's royal birth they didn't). Interesting They talk openly about Kate's reproductive health and lady bits but was William told to do a seamen analysis? Would they talk his boy parts openly. HEAVENS NO! Why does the fertility issue (if there was one) have to just be with Kate?

Which brings me to why is it always with the women? Granted Nate and my issue IS with me but in my travels I have met several couples where it is male infertility based.

Back to the royal venting... Would they be forced to break up if something was wrong? Would he have to choose between her and the throne. I understand that monarchs marry to keep the bloodline going but it seems a bit extreme. Oh and some idiot reporter said "she made the right move having a boy" not that its her choice.

Ok I'm done. I will jump down from my high horse and wait for the royal kids name and photos.

Maybe I'm just bitter cause I'll never get a crown


  1. I do not think its the woman thing..... If she would be the princess and he fiancé he would have to have his fertility testing done. I hope.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I also hope that he would have to do that as well. I can also imagine she may not want her reproductive health broadcasted all over the place. Not everyone is as open as I am. I check out your blog. Cute little girl you have there!