Sunday, July 14, 2013

So far a sticky baby

Had more blood work done on Wednesday and Friday and my beta came back at 184 and 426. I think I said it before but in case I didn't you want the beta to double every 48 hours. Mine is doubling at a rate of 2.3-2.6 times ever 48 hours.

Wednesday is the big day of our first ultrasound. We most likely wont see a heart beat as its too early but we will get to see where the baby is (still a risk of another ectopic) and how many babies there are.

M still doesn't know about the pregnancy. We are waiting for sure to see if its in the right spot but may wait longer. The joys of a 5 year old is that they have no concept of time so if I say there is a baby she will expect it to be here tomorrow and will ask every day if its baby day yet. I also don't know if I have enough construction paper to make that long of a chain (think christmas count down). And for some reason I want to call the baby squish. Called M Gus through the pregnancy.

Nate, my sister and I ran walked our first 5k today. We did the color run. For those who dont know what the color run is it is The happiest 5k on the planet. at 4 checkpoints they have volunteers spray or throw colored cornstarch at you. I must say it was pretty darn fun. I didn't even realize how much my legs hurt! I am also still blowing blue out of my nose. There are pictures below. See y'all Wednesday.

The before
Ready to go
The after

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