Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finally home

The embryo is hopefully settling in to its home for the next 9 months and after a trip form hell I'm finally home in Minnesota.

I had my transfer yesterday at 1:30. They decided that it wold be safer if they only transferred one embryo because of my history of ectopic. It was fully hatched and I was told if it is going to stick it will within 24 hours. Being who I am I turned to Dr. Google and can't seem to find answers on why my embryo isn't circular, if its a good chance of success cause it is fully hatched and if the embryo can be damaged during transfer because it doesn't have a shell. If any of you know answers to these feel free to answer them!!

I left the clinic at 2 and due to traffic it took 2 hours to get to the airport. Upon arriving I found out my flight was delayed and delayed again, and delayed again and then cancelled cause I would miss my connection. I got to spend the night in the airport. Luckily Margie (sister) worked over nights and kept checking to see if I was alive.

The flights went well but the captain kept saying "our trip to Chicago..." I honestly thought I would never get home. Landed a 1 got home at 3:45 and napped until 7. M said she can only hug me light cause I have a growing baby even though she knows it may not stick. She also asked when I talked to her last night if I know if it is a brother or sister. Told her that will be a while before we know that.

After my transfer yesterday I was given a hcg shot so now I'm testing it out. Meaning I'm taking pregnancy test like they are going out of style once they are negative ill know the shot is out of my system and if I get a positive after a negative ill know its the real deal! My official test is Friday.

The test below is today test it is a bit of a squinter.

The fully hatched embryo is pictured below as well!

This will be the last one I post on Facebook. I will continue to update here you will just have to check back to know the results...


  1. So happy to read this Emily... My fingers & toes are crossed for you!

  2. Thanks Mindy! Friday is the big day