Monday, May 27, 2013


I've been testing like a crazy person. I'm waiting for the 600iu hcg shot they gave me to go away. Once a pregnancy test is negative that means shot hcg is out of my system and if it turns positive after that it means baby hcg is in my system. These are the first tests.

Here are cheats for abbreviations:

  • #dp#dt= #days past #day transfer.... Mine will always be 5dt cause the embryo was 5 days old as opposed to a 3dt which is 3 days old. They generally do 3 or 5 day transfers.
  • FMU= first morning urine
  • POASA= pee on a stick-aholic


^^ Saturday when I got home


^^ Sunday morning

^^ This morning. As you can see the line is quite a bit lighter. It's what we POASA's call a squinter.

I really hope these lines get darker again over the next few days. Ill post when I have more.

Here's more just for fun!!!

^^ Fairy garden


^^ Flowers M picked out while I was stuck in the airport.

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