Thursday, May 23, 2013

Philly, Boston, NY, oh my!!

Here was my schedule today...

Up at 4am... Why you ask? Eh why not?
Tossed and turned for an hour trying to go back to sleep
Spent a half hour reading fb and my support boards
5:30 up for the day
6 let jack out
6:10 in car on road
6:15 on my way back home, forgot wallet
6:21 on road again
6:23 on my way back home again, forgot ring
6:26 on the road
8:30 waiting at gate
11am flight takes off to Philadelphia
(The rest is in eastern time)
2:34pm plane lands find out instead of Minneapolis to Philly to NY I'm taking a detour to Boston, eat Philly cheesesteak... not so great
4:15 plane takes off from Boston
6:00 find out JFK is flooded and laguardia only has one runway open.
7:00 announcement that 7:00 flight is delayed to 7:30
7:35 announcement that flight is delayed to 8
8:00 board plane
8:15 announcement we are on hold until 9:15
10pm finally in NYC
10:43 give myself a shot in the ass... That's talent!
11:10 time for shower.... No hot water...
11:16 tried to watch tv while waiting for engineer... See photos below for how that went.

I was supposed to be here at 4:30 long day... BUT

Tomorrow, tomorrow, my transfers tomorrow and betas just a week away.....

Really hope tomorrow goes better

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