Thursday, May 16, 2013

My head is spinning

There is so much back and forth I can't keep it straight.
I had another monitoring visit yesterday and my E2 which was only 49 last thursday went up to 141 which I believe is a good thing. The nurse who called yesterday didn't mention anything about maybe giving up on this cycle. She just told me to go back on Sunday for more work.

I hope by Sunday I will have ovulated or at least am close. Is it really too much to just want to be done?

I have a big weekend planned though!

Saturday is Jess/Lukes wedding shower and Sunday is Bethany's shower and maybe bridesmaid dress shopping since I'm slacking on that and her wedding is in August. I was hoping I would have a big fat belly to have to accomodate to by then but It's not looking like it will be any bigger then it is now.

If my visit on Sunday shows I ovulated and they do the transfer on Friday the 24th I will be due Feb 8!! yep lame of me for playing the "if" card but I need something to hold onto.

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