Wednesday, May 8, 2013

another month wait?!?!?


I went in to get a scan done last week as part of my prep for frozen transfer. According to my doctor my ovaries are the size of baseballs and he wouldn't be surprised if my transfer gets put off another month.

Later that day the doctor in NY called and said that my numbers look fine, ovaries are swollen but as long as I was feeling fine we could continue on with the transfer this cycle.

So here I am in limbo. Waiting for my body to do all its natural stuffs it has to do after pushing it for 2 months to do completely unnatural things. If everything goes as anticipated, whats the chance of that happening?, I'll have my transfer done on May 20th. Only a few weeks left...

I found out today that my next round of meds is actually being covered by insurance!!!! AND M and I both made it through dental appointments without cavities so I consider this a win week!

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