Monday, March 18, 2013

Injections day 3

Last 3 days of injections has gone well considering I've never stabbed myself before. Crazy I know.

I have been icing my belly as best I can but I think it might do more harm then good so I'm going to try to stop.

The first night it was quick and painless until the needle came out then oh my did it burn on yeah and left a big o' bruise I laid down for bed and my whole side was twitching. That has since stopped thank goodness otherwise I may have chopped off the right side. M ran and hid in her room like she does when I run the vacuum.

Day two I iced but this time did not pull the needle out in the same direction I put it in so I bled more then I feel I should have. M decided to be adventurous and help out. She alcohol swabbing my injection site. She then put a bandaid over it. Well kinda, she missed it by about a half inch.

Today M helped out again but no bandaid was needed. I'd like to say it burns after and is sore because I'm injecting into rock solid muscle but we all know thats a bold face lie.

I haven't had any of the symptoms I'm supposed to have. Little headaches but I've also cut caffeine so I blame that. So far so good!

Till next time

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