Saturday, March 30, 2013

Round two

My next round of meds arrived yesterday well the half i ordered. I will start this new one Monday if all my blood work is ok. It's called bravelle. It is a powder (green top) that I have to mix with what I'm guessing is saline (white top) and inject in my belly each box has 5 doses and i get to take 3 doses a day 3 vials of powder to one vial of liquid a day. I've graduated to a 22 gage needle from the 28 gage insulin needle. One week till New York.

Otherwise its been an exciting week at the millers. Kid lost her first tooth. Nate decided to make room for a baby(s) by moving our room down to the main level into the craft room/toy room and moving M to our room upstairs with all her toys. She started throwing our stuff down the stairs as soon as nate asked if she was ok living up there. We will see how long the toys stay there. It will be weird having the smallest room in the house rather than the largest. We also took jack on his first walk this spring. He had tons of fun playing in the mud but was a pain to clean after.

Oh forgot the best part of bravelle? It is extracted from the urine of post menopausal women... Thank you dr google.

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