Friday, March 15, 2013

Visit 1

Had my visit 1 appointment yesterday. All blood work looks good. I pulled the conventional arm (arm b). I start taking meds tomorrow. They will transfer 2 embryos so there is a higher chance of multiples. Maybe ill get a 2 for 1 deal?!?! Nate,  M and i will be taking a week and coming to nyc for the egg retrieval the second week of April and then ill return 5 days later to have the transfer. Its getting real!

My dad came with to this visit and we saw a lot in 3 days. Grand central station, times square, rockefeller center, 5th avenue, the today show and central park. My dad managed to sniff out an apple store and i found a best buy. We have about 5 more hours of wondering around so we may find a boat and take a tour.

Im posting from my phone so this is all i have for now.

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