Saturday, March 23, 2013


Later in this process Nate will have to give me shots. I have started making him practice since it is in my stomach and I can see it also cause the needle is much smaller then the one he will be using later. Last night I told him to do it at a 90 degree angle he aimed at a 30 some degree angle. I then said straight in straight out. The straight in worked fin then out he pulled his hand down and ripped apart my guts... Maybe not that bad but it still hurt and I had a large bump. The diagram below shows the needle paths. The orange was it going in the pink was coming out.... AGAIN OUCH!!!

Today we tried again and he did straight in straight out with a pause in between but somehow I managed to leak. Now I have a hard lump like if someone cut a marble in half and put it right under my skin.

He may need more practice before we move on to the tough stuff!!

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  1. I'm alarmed that "Nate" is smiling while he's tearing your guts apart ;)