Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Next Month

For the next month this is what I get to suffer through look forward to...

Today through April 1: Daily Lupron injections (suppress). The side effects include headaches and mood swings!!!! YAY mood swings. The person in charge of the study, Matt, said not to be surprised if I start crying out of nowhere. I said "at least I wont wanna throw someone out a window" He said that if I do to make sure I record it in my weekly wellness survey. When I told him I cry at commercials he told me to stay away from TV, Books, Movies and talking to people who may have any news good or bad.

So here I am patiently waiting pacing back and forth at the window waiting for Fedex. Then I'm going to to store to get some alcohol swabs, gauze and coffee creamer. Oh yeah next subject...


April 1: First local appointment. It is supposed to be "Visit 2" in New York but my Dr agreed to do it here. There will be blood work and an ultrasound. If everything goes well I move on.

April 1 until Egg Retrieval: Daily Gonadotropin injections and Daily Lupron injections (stimulate). I will take 3 doses of Bravelle and 1 dose of Lupron daily until my body is ready for egg retrieval. I will be monitored 5, 7 and 9 days after starting the Bravelle. Some time between there we will fly back to New York and do the monitoring there until I'm ready. M will becoming with Nate and I and we will try to make a fun vacation out of it.

Between 9-10 days after starting Bravelle: I will give myself and HCG injection to force my body to ovulate when the clinic wants me to.

2 days after HCG: If everything goes as planned I will have the egg retrieval. If my body hates me I will have to take Progesterone in Sesame Seed Oil (which I hear is super painful) if it cooperates I will not have to take it. That day the eggs will be fertilized. I will get a fertilization report and pictures of the embryos.

5 days after retrieval: I will go back to NY solo and have a transfer of 1 or 2 embryos. Protocol says to do 2 but it all depends on estrogen/progesterone/ultrasound results. At this point I will be considered Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise (PUPO)

7 days after transfer: I will have a beta pregnancy test done. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant. I wish I will wait till then to do pregnancy tests but you can bet your bottom I'll be testing every day between transfer and blood draw.

I dont really have any pictures that go along with this post.

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