Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Millers in the city

Got back to New York last night. After walking around looking for a place to eat we don't have in MN we settled for Wendy's.... At least we don't have it in our town!

This morning I went to my visit and they measured 11 follicles that I counted. The biggest was 12.5mm the smallest was 8.5mm. They like them to be at least 16mm before retrieval. I continue with my meds at the same dose and go back on Friday for another scan. With any luck they are big enough Friday to let me trigger and do the retrieval on Sunday.

After my appointment we took M to Central Park zoo. She started complaining about half way through that she wanted to go to the hotel cause she was sweaty... After spending about half hour watching the penguins in an overly air conditioned room she felt better. After the zoo we went to FAO Schwarz. M looked and looked and out of everything they had she decided she wanted a boomerang airplane. Nate just wanted rock candy. I have a feeling we will be going back there again before we leave. After lunch we went back to the hotel to let M take a nap. Mommy napped. Daddy napped. Kiddo did not nap! Even without a nap she made the walk to the subway, got on the Staten Island Ferry, went for another walk, back on the ferry, back on the subway, ate dinner, bath and is now watching a movie. She is fighting sleep but she eventually has to give in.

Not sure what tomorrow holds but Nate really wants to try cream cheese pizza that was advertised near our hotel. Sounds almost disgusting enough to be a great breakfast!!

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