Monday, April 1, 2013

It's getting real!!!

Today was visit 2 blood work and ultrasound here what was found

E.C. 2.9mm Tripple
Right ovary 12 follies largest is 7.4mm
Left ovary 11 follies largest is 5.9mm
Beta- <0 data-blogger-escaped-.1="" data-blogger-escaped-br=""> Estradiol- 28
FSH- 3.3
LH- 5.8
Progesterone .8

I got a call that I will start bravelle Tonight  reread the email and I will be starting Wednesday night. I also found out its not 3 doses a day its 3 vials of powder to 1 vial of liquid. Wow concentrated! I have to mix it myself!!!

We are on schedule to go to New York next Monday! I thought I was going to have to have local monitoring done two times before we leave but they are holding off until 4/9 for my next appt! We hope to have egg retrieval done either the 13th or the monring of the 14th so we can fly home on the 14th.

April Fools 6 years ago I told my mom I was pregnant with DD and her reaction was "I need to make a chicken." It seems only fitting to start the next stage of the process today!

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