Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tomorrow is the day

After 10 days in my we are finally having egg retrieval tomorrow. Day 11. This took so long cause at first my body wasn't responding to meds but my estrogen levels were. Then my body joined the game which caused my estrogen to go even higher. For example the clinic wants estrogen to be between 2,000 and 4,000 and mine capped at 7,500.

Sunday I had one follicle (part of ovary that can hold an egg) that was just under 17mm (they want it at 18-20 for retrieval) on Monday I had 8 follicles all over 20mm. Tuesday had 19 follicles over 20mm and half over 24mm. They are hoping to get 15-20 eggs. We have to be at the clinic tomorrow at 7am procedure is at 7:45. The plane home leaves at 9pm

Tuesday night I took what was called a trigger shot. It is a shot of hcg that will force my body to ovulate. (Technically if I were to take a pregnancy test right now it would be positive) Unfortunately that one has to go in your butt so technically I didn't do it Nate had to give it to me. He apparently had issues getting the needle to pierce the skin so he ended up laughing and I ended up in tears. I have a bruise and I'm still so sore. Luckily he gets more practice cause that is where my progesterone goes starting Friday until either I'm 10weeks pregnant or this cycle is found to be a failure. The progesterone is necessary cause the meds up to this point make the uterus lining less then ideal.

If my estrogen goes down i should have my embryo transfer on Tuesday.

So there ya have it. Tomorrow is the big day. Well one of two big days.

I really hope this works the first time. I'm ready to not see New York for quite a few years.

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